The goal of this Web site is to provide a one-stop source of resources and information for unmarried couples (heterosexual or same-sex) who are living together as domestic partners or are considering doing so. The Resources section of this site includes an extensive set of links to information and resources for unmarried cohabitants. This site also includes articles about cohabitation agreements, things you should know before moving in together, the "nevers" of living together, estate planning (wills, trusts and more), and gay and lesbian issues. It also includes legal articles about Marvin law (so named after the famous case of Marvin v. Marvin), more commonly known as "palimony" law. ("Palimony" is a coined word meaning "alimony" for a "pal.")

..........Currently, this Web site emphasizes California law. As the site grows, we hope to include more information which is specifically applicable to unmarried cohabitants in other States.

     This site was compiled by Jared Laskin, a member of Goldman & Kagon Law Corporation. Goldman & Kagon successfully defended Lee Marvin in the famous "palimony" case of Marvin v. Marvin. Goldman & Kagon's attorneys are actively involved in the drafting of cohabitation agreements, estate planning for unmarried couples, and the defense of "palimony" cases. For more information about Goldman & Kagon, please direct e-mail to or or write or call:

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